Anchorage Cultural Center
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Advocacy for the arts and cultures of Anchorage is the primary goal of the Anchorage Cultural Council. As part of that, we sponsor, organize and support a variety of activities.

Art Matters

An ongoing advocacy campaign to raise awareness of the importance of arts and culture in our community.

Did you know that...

4,500 Alaskans--about 2% of the entire workforce--earn income from arts-related activity--more than Alaska's mining industry, the residential construction industry and the banking sector.

Read more Alaska ArtFacts.

Umbrella Sponsorships

The Anchorage Cultural Council (ACC) is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code devoted to promoting advancement of the arts and culture in the community. ACC does not itself make or offer grants to artists or cultural organizations. For a modest fee ACC will however act as a fiscal sponsor to assist arts and cultural projects in obtaining necessary funding through the Fiscal Sponsorship Program (FSP). The FSP is open to all individuals and organizations of the Anchorage community pursuing arts/cultural projects.

Read more about the Fiscal Sponsorship Program and download the Application Forms by clicking here.

Mayor's Award for the Arts

Each year, the people of Anchorage nominate outstanding artists, organizations and individuals whose service to arts and culture has enriched our community.

The honorees are chosen by a committee made up of members of the Anchorage Cultural Council and the Anchorage Arts Advisory Commission.

The 2011 Ceremony will be held Wednesday, October 26th at 5:30 pm in the atrium of ConocoPhillips Alaska. Read more.


Fran Reed receives the 2008 Outstanding Individual Artist award. Photo copyright Chris Arend.